30 Day Guarantee

All references to the Farm in this contract mean Apple Creek Farm, 2476 Bigler Road, Gettysburg, PA and Jeremy Long and their agents, employees, servants, heirs or representatives of any kind. The Farm has conducted and included a current Coggins test, the vaccines provided as stated in health paperwork, pre-purchase exam with the purchase of the horse, if so advertised. The Farm is not responsible or liable for any kind of veterinarian or other bill (s), expenses, consequential or compensatory damages, or attorneys fees of any kind that occur through the purchase throughout ownership or future transfer of ownership of the above horse.


Registration papers will be provided if the horse is registered and the Farm has possession of this paperwork. The horse is sold without any liens or encumbrances.


The Farm warrants that the horse has been ridden numerous times and has not shown any signs of lameness while in the possession of the Farm. The Farm has described the above horse to be of a temperament consistent with trail riding. A video was made available of said horse which described the training program for the horse and the purchaser agrees s/he had opportunity to watch it and ask questions. Countless hours have been put into training our horses to be as predictable and obedient as possible, but when riding, before or after purchase, the purchaser is assuming all the risk, danger and responsibilities that go with riding an animal (a horse) that has mind of its own and an unpredictable nature. The purchaser is advised to get to know the new horse and get the feel of it before taking it out on trails, etc. The purchaser is advised to ride with proper equipment and a helmet as horses can and do act in unpredictable manners in different situations or with different riders. The purchaser is responsible for any claims made by others who use or ride the horse after purchase, and the purchaser explicitly waives any liability on the part of the Farm in event of a claim by a third party, for any and all suits or claims of any kind.



This contract conveys full ownership immediately upon signing and the payment of the purchase price (or any portion of it) to the Farm. The horse is then the sole responsibility of the purchaser. This contract supersedes and takes precedence over any previous written or oral statements.


30 Calendar Day Return Policy: The purchaser warrants the s/he has had opportunity to ride the above-described horse before purchase and is satisfied with its performance and temperament before said purchase. The 30-calendar day return policy means that if the purchase is dissatisfied with the horse, it can be returned to exchange it for another horse of equal or less value during the 30-calendar day period. The purchaser shall arrange for transportation and safety of the horse back to the Farm. No kind of cash or other refund will be provided, regardless of circumstances. No expenses will be borne by the Farm with the exception named below. The Farm makes no promise or guarantee of the horses (breed, sex, size, color, etc.) that will be available for exchange. There will be opportunity for only one exchange. The second horse will be provided to the purchaser as is/where is. The Farm cares deeply for each horse sold. As a condition of this 30-calendar day exchange policy, the horse named in this contract must be able to pass a pre-purchase vet exam before the exchange policy is in effect, with the veterinarian performing the exam being chosen by the Farm. The cost of this exam, if desired by the Farm, will be paid by the Farm.


If the Farm determines that the purchaser is a difficult purchaser who cannot be made reasonably happy with a second horse available by the Farm, the Farm has full right to not honor the exchange policy and no monies will be refunded. The horse described above (the first horse) will then remain the property of the purchaser.


Arbitration: It is warranted that this contract was reached in Littlestown or Gettysburg, PA. Any questions, claims, or cause of action arising out of any terms in this contract or performance of the terms by either party shall be governed by and resolved solely in Gettysburg, PA, County of Adams. All venues for any dispute shall be held in Adams County, Gettysburg, PA. The parties agree that this contract is reached knowingly and voluntarily, and that it is valid, binding and free of any fraud, duress or unconscionability and that any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to this contract shall be resolved by a neutral arbitrator in Gettysburg or Adam County, PA, and such determination shall be binding on both parties. The dispute will then be resolved without further appeal, claim or action by either party. Both parties are liable for their own legal expenses, regardless of the outcome of the binding decision made by the arbitrator.